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R2-D2 Zombie R2-D2 Zombie

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad. But it does not entirely flash me. There is a lot of shading missing, the blood seems weird considering he is a robot and also all these grey areas indicating dust (i guess) are flat thrown all over the place - ignoring edges of R2D2 as well as of the blood, which seems to be fluid and thus shouldn't be affected the same way as a solid surface.

However, the main thing to add is: If you want to enter the Challenge, you need to tag it "cotm_zombie" because he will just search for this single tag.
Besides, it is an ok work and even though Jazza said it has to be something that can become a zombie (and robots can't because they are not alive), i don't think he will be this strict.

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PKShayde responds:

first of all thank you for your honest opinion.
I know it's not perfect my shading skills are....well what skills? XD
And I thought it would be something different to make a robot zombie for once but hey everyone has there thoughts. (eventually maybe robots will be alive?)
Btw who says that it's his blood?

Jazza's CotM7 Jazza's CotM7

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy sh*t, that looks so awesome O.O
I like how you managed to make it look so 3D and realistic. This is just amazing.

And do add some not-nonsense: I guess the blue lightsource is missing. The blue light is only on the golem/ork/whatever and the women, however i guess it would naturally be also on some of the stones at least in the left side of the picture.

francosj12 responds:

Thanks for the advice! It's fixed now :)

By Artists For Artists Logo By Artists For Artists Logo

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I realy like the concept. But the image is a bit weird. The hands don't look natural (the thickness of the hand and the position). Also this is the weirdest way I have ever seen someone holding a pencil.
If u would rework that, this would at least be my favourite for the contest so far. Which doesn't mean much actualy xD

The World Tree The World Tree

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This looks so great. Especially for a rush piece. I would be proud if could do somethin like this not-rush O.o
Besides that, there is one thing that seems irritating. The train on the right is bigger than the one actually driving towards the viewer, making it look like it is gigantic. And the station does not seem to be big enoug for such a train.
Also it is kinda hard realizing it is a tree or why this is supposed to be a "world"-tree.

But it is ofcourse a stunning piece of art!
I just like to add what i think is weird ;)

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Ishnuala responds:

You are totally right about the train size...Aww my perspective really sucks XD
Thank you so much for the detailed comments! Don't worry about the "world tree" thingy..I messed up during painting process, this looks very different from what I imagined initially...T_T
Thanks again!

The wizard's enchantments The wizard's enchantments

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Her breast look kinda weird and her forehead seems to be to small.
Besides that, it is great art ^^

clayscence responds:

thank you for the advices! you are right lol